I was born in a medium-size city in the North of France named Saint-Quentin and spent my whole childhood there. After graduating from high school, I studied at the University in Lille before I got my diploma in International trade at the Regional institute of superior technical education in Saint-Quentin.

Thereafter, I worked several years as a political counsellor in French politics. I began my professional career as a parliamentary assistant of a French Senator, Jacques BRACONNIER. In 1995, the mayor of Saint-Quentin decided to hire me as the Director of its Cabinet. Afterward , I moved to Meaux in 2004 to be the Director of Cabinet of Jean-François COPE, mayor of the City and French minister. From 2008 to 2014, Jean-François COPE has been successively President of the UMP group at the French Assembly, General Secretary of the UMP and President of the UMP; I followed him over all those years as his Director of Cabinet.

In 2012, I was appointed associate director of the presidential campaign of the French former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

I was elected at the departmental level since 2002 when the French right wing political party chose me to lead the European campaign in 2014 for the North-West constituency. I was elected in May and resigned of my function of departmental counsellor to focus on my European mandate.

Today, I am strongly devoted to my legislative work in the committees on Employment and Social Affairs and on Constitutional Affairs. Engaged for you and with you, you can count on me to defend the interests of every European citizen.

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